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PFRT - Product field returns tracking system

PFRT - Product field returns tracking system

A Field returns Tracking System is a method for collecting field data for the purpose of calculating the field reliability of the product and analyzing for trends .
Every company needs a method of collecting field data. The better the collection system, the better able a company will be to respond to reliability issues that show up in the field .

• Calculating field reliability

• Analyzing field data for trends

• Feeding the trend information back to the design and test processes for the purpose of making improvements to the product

the system handle data for specific customer as for many clients difrent Projects , The benefit of the Field Returns Tracking System is to provide a system for evaluating a product's performance in the field and for quickly identifying trends to make improvements to the product .
more benefits are control of the product along the repair depo like storeroom, visual inspection, repair, analize, subcontractors etc .
assistence to the troubleshooters by connecting to documents as well as history of the serial number (specific product) or the history of particular product type .
the system could be connected to shipping system for controling upgrading releases of the product on customers sites .

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