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Calibration Control

Tracking Inventory of Checking equipment, working tools, installed equipment

Calibration Control was designed to allow users as well as managers to set-up, use and maintain their equipment calibration and other tasks information efficiently and effectively. The system stores the information users need to manage their calibration tasks. It offers easy-to-use filters to quickly get to key equipment information, and a way to ensure that Calibration or other tasks are not overlooked.

Here Some of the Calibration Control key features:
Archive – equipment that are no longer in use can be move to archive for Automatic Due Date Calculation
Calibration Form – go with the equipment to the calibration lab takes data from the system.
Calibration Control Administrator – difrent level of security for users and system administrator
Calibration Reports and Queries – to investigate equipments history
Group Updating – administrator can update complete list or few records at once.
Custom Tabs - for fast navigation on the form.
Data Export – user can export lists in many office formats like exel, html, txt etc.
Defualt Setings – some of the fields can be set to default
Due Date Interval – can be select or change by Admin
Email Capability – lists can be sent by email
Equipment History Tasks – show moovments of particular equipment like what was done, when etc.
Find & Replace – user with permision can edit data.
Filter Select to get difrent list groups
History log – to see the particular equipment history. Key Field Counter – to give equipment ID number automatic
Labels – optional you can add feture to produce ship label with information from Database.
Pictures – optional can be added to equipment record
Procedures- can be add to equipment record
Duplicate Record information for new equipment
SORT – up or down

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