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BayWatch - shipments Tracking System

Main goals of the system .

The Main goals of the Ship Tracking system is to know what products
phisicaly sent to cusomer in particular order. it means Serial Numbers
Engenering code and realese (Versions). cusomer site,
packaging box etc.
thease information are not part of the inventory or delivery process.
it is for other needs, like when upgrade process is needed
you need to know how many of the specific product code and release are in the field and where. you can connect the information to other data like integration process system or production quality process system.
also it can be part of warranty data.
the data is in 2 level of hierarchy, 1 is the bay or shelf level and 2 is pack level

another goal is For Order missing parts that expected to be ship later and is not available at the moment of the ship.

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